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Class Info

Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Drop off and Pick Up-  Please see the map below for reference on how drop off and pick up will work for all recreational and preschool classes..So that we are in compliance with current state guidelines for sanitizing and capacity in the building, we are only doing drop and go for all practices and classes (except for Preschool classes). 

    • Drop Off- A coach will come to the entry door to let students in. All students will be issued hand sanitizer before they enter the building. They will then be instructed where to go in the gym.

    • Pick up- Pick up will happen at the same door as drop off for all weekday recreational classes. Saturday classes will have pickup at the opposite door.  Coaches will bring the gymnasts to the Entry door and release them to their parents in the parking lot. Please be on time for pick up so that we have enough time to clean and sanitize for the next class on our schedule.

Dress Code

Girls- Comfortable gym clothes (Shorts and fitted shirt with no hood) or leotard (No two piece leotards, skirted leotards or mid drifts are allowed). Underwear must be worn underneath or shorts need to be worn over all leotards . Stud earrings are the only jewelry permitted in the gym. Hair needs to be pulled back and off of the face. 


Boys- Athletic shorts and T-shirt. No jewelry or watches. Hoodies are not permitted in the gym.  

Health & Wellness

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing- All athletes and staff will be required to use hand sanitizer prior to entering the gym as well as washing their hands after their workout ends. Hand sanitizer will also be placed around the gym for use during workouts. All equipment will be sanitized after each use as well high traffic area surfaces and bathrooms. 


  • Water Bottles- Water fountains are temporarily closed in the building.  We are asking all athletes to provide their own personal water bottles while they are in class. ( Big enough that they will have enough water during their class time without having to refill them, as we have no way to provide that at this time.) Bathrooms will be available. 


  • Wellness Checks- All employees and students of Williamsburg Gymnastics will have to pass a temperature screening prior to them starting their shift /workout in the gym.  Anyone who has a temperature that exceeds 100 degrees or is displaying cold-like symptoms, will be sent home and not be permitted back until 72 hours fever/ symptom free with no medication. If someone in your household is waiting on a COVID-19 test result, please do not bring your child to class until you receive a negative result. 


  • Physical Distancing- State guidelines require that all students in the building must maintain 10 feet of distance at all times while working out. We have marked off the gym in order to comply with this guideline . 

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