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Williamsburg Gymnastics Gym Location:
144-A Tewning Rd

Williamsburg, VA 23188

Directions From:

Virginia Beach:  

  1. Merge onto I-64 W toward Hampton.

  2. Merge onto VA-199 W via EXIT 242A toward Jamestown/Williamsburg.

  3. Exit onto VA-321 E (Monticello Ave.), toward Williamsburg

  4. Turn Left onto Ironbound Rd

  5. Turn left onto Tewning Rd. (St Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center on corner)


  1. Take I-64 E toward Norfolk

  2. Take the VA-199/VA-646 exit, EXIT 234, toward Lightfoot.

  3. Merge onto Humelsine Pkwy/VA-199 E toward Lightfoot/Williamsburg/Jamestown.

  4. Take the Longhill Rd exit toward VA-612. (heading towards Eastern State Hospital)

  5. Turn left onto Longhill Rd.

  6. Stay straight to go onto Longhill Connector Rd.

  7. Longhill Connector Rd becomes Ironbound Rd. (James City County Rec. Center will be on your Left)

  8. You will pass Eastern State Hospital on the right.

  9. Turn right onto Tewning Rd. (St Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center on corner)

Breaking Ground

August 2016

A dream that has been 20 years in the making... 


Pits and Footers...

March 2017

The footers have been dug and the pits framed out.


Sides are Up!

May 2017

The sides  of the new gym are up and partially painted too!

New Gym.png

Outside getting finished...

August 2017

It's starting to look like a real gym, love the green and gold!

New Gym.png
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